Tech Support for Schools in Los Angeles

Tech and IT support for schools will enhance dependability. Focus on your core specialty- education. Allow us to take care of tech and IT problems like cloud backup, high-speed internet, disaster recovery, virus removal, and more.

Global IT works with many schools in the Los Angeles area. Our services assist preschools, elementary schools, high schools, prep academies, and any more education facilities. We’ve been in business since 2004, and that’s why schools trust us with their managed IT needs. It’s vital students and teachers have high-speed internet during learning hours.

Global IT is certified as a Local Small Business Enterprise (Local SBE, LSBE). Discover the advantage your school will gain by gaining support from certified teams of technicians, engineers and administrators assigned to manage your account, when you need it available 24/7. Global IT managed services systems and technical teams reduce the overhead of time, money and resources required to maintain, change and grow company IT services and infrastructure.

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Tech and IT Support for Schools and Educators in Los Angeles: The Features You’ll Get With Global IT

  • Vendor number: 17813901, State Certification # 2001440
  • Project-based, part-time and full-time contracted IT staffing options
  • 24/7/365 NOC support
  • 19+ years enterprise and wholesale cutting-edge technologies experience
  • 19+ yrs Cloud, Colocation, Data Center and server room management and maintenance
  • Hardware purchases, management, and replacement
  • LAN, WAN, network fail over, routing, reporting
  • Network management, moves adds and changes
  • Electrical power continuity, engineering and management, UPS management and monitoring
  • ISP links, Telecom & 3rd party vendor management
  • Managed server
  • Managed desktop
  • Disaster recovery
  • Internet and Network Security
  • Hardware, Software purchasing with bulk discount buying power
  • Wireless – Wi-Fi

Government IT Services

    Dependable Managed IT Makes Life Much Easier for Schools and Educators

    A well-designed, dependable network is vital to the health of all major organizations’ daily operations. Global IT Communications provides network consulting services that assist companies in managing their network infrastructures. Our services are developed and focused around the core organizations requirements. Global IT’s network infrastructure solutions enable our clients to implement new technologies, allowing them to increase efficiency and align their infrastructure with their organization’s goals.

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